The 2006 Japanese Joint Statistical Meeting

5-8 September, 2006

Kawauchi Campus of Tohoku University, Sendai City, Miyagi

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General Information

The 2006 Japanese Joint Statistical Meeting will take place from 5th to 8th September, 2006 at Kawauchi Campus of Tohoku University, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 980-0862, JAPAN

Key Dates

  1. Application for oral presentation: May 1st - June 5th, 2006
    Remark: You can apply only by using the Japanese application format.
  2. Abstract: July 3, 2006
Remark: See the Home page in Japanese for the details.

Organized Sessions

  1. Session Title: Statistical Science and Marketing
    Organizer(s): N. Terui (Tohoku University)

  2. Session Title: Lectures in Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Japan Statistical Society: Current State and Prospect Statistical Science Supporting Intellectual and Creative Society in the 21st Century
    Organizer(s): T. Yamamoto (Hitotsubashi University)

  3. Session Title: An Application of Adaptive Design in Clinical Trials
    Organizer(s): T. Koshimizu (Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K.) and T. Yajima (Mochida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

  4. Session Title: International Session 1: Panel Data Analysis
    Organizer(s): D.W. Shin (Ewha University) and J. Wang (Chiba University)

  5. Session Title: International Session 2: Sample Survey in Korea and Japan
    Organizer(s): D.W. Shin (Ewha University) and J. Wang (Chiba University)

  6. Session Title: Statistical Data Visualization
    Organizer(s): J. Nakano (Institute of Statistical Mathematics)

  7. Session Title: New Statistical Aspects in Array Data Analysis
    Organizer(s): S. Imoto (University of Tokyo) and T. Higuhci (Institute of Statistical Mathematics)

  8. Session Title: Econometric Analysis in Finance
    Organizer(s): H. Tanizaki (Kobe University) and Y. Nishiyama (Kyoto University)

  9. Session Title: Future of Official Statistics in Japan
    Organizer(s): H. Saigo (Waseda University)

  10. Session Title: Statistical Education: Challenge to Foster Statistical Thinking
    Organizer(s): Y. Fujii (Miyazaki University)

  11. Session Title: Biological and Environmental Risk Assessment
    Organizer(s): C. Hirotsu (Meisei University)

  12. Session Title: Lectures by the Winners of the Incentive Prize of the Japanese Biometric Society
    Organizer(s): H. Uesaka (Eli Lilly Japan)

  13. Session Title: Contributions of Biostatistics to Society: Developements in the Last Twenty-five Years and Future Directions
    Organizer(s): H. Uesaka (Eli Lilly Japan)

  14. Session Title: Method Change Problem of Population Census
    Organizer(s): Y. Hamasuna (Kyushu University)

Tutorial Sessions

    Date: September 5th (Tue.) 13:30-16:30 (Parallel Sessions)
    Theme 1: Independent Component Analysis
      Organizer: H. Simodaira (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Speaker: N. Murata (Waseda University)
    Theme 2: Adaptive and Flexible Design in Clinical Trials
      Organizer: H. Uesaka (Eli Lilly Japan)
      Speaker: T. Koyama (Vanderbilt University)

Public Open Seminar

    Date: September 5th (Tue.) 17:00-19:00
    Title: On the Social and Economic Problems of Ageing Society with Population Decline: Forecasting 21st Century Japan by Statistical Data
      R. Kaneko (National Institute of Population and Social Security Research) T. Tachibanaki (Kyoto University)

Sponsoring Japanese Statistical Societies

The 2006 Japanese Joint Statistical Meeting is sponsored by Japanese Federation of Statistical Science Associations:
    * Japanese Society Applied Statistics
    * The Biometric Society of Japan
    * The Japan Statistical Society
with cooperation from:
    * The Behaviormetric Society of Japan
    * Japanese Society of Computational Statistics
    * Japanese Classification Society
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